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Past Concerts


March 07   Knut Vaage & BIT20 Ensemble – Hybrid spetakkel – World Premiere
Borealis Festival, Studio Bergen, Nøstegaten 119, Norway
February 7  Rudesdal Chamber Players, Danish National Museum
January 17  Rudersdal Chamber Players,  Holte Kirke. World premiere piece by Andrew Waggoner (US)
January 22  Recording  Per Nørgård : Cantica  with Erik Kaltoft Piano. Symfonisk Sal Århus: Later to be released at Dacapo Records


December 2-5  CD Recording with Valen Trio: Bergen, Norway
November 1-7  Tour to Seattle USA with Valen Trio. Concerts, workshops, seminars. Feat. Composer Knut Vaage: Seattle, Washington U.S.A.
November 24 Mozart Requiem: Malmö, Sweden
November 25  Mozart Requiem: Lund, Sweden
November 27 Rudersdal Chamber Players  Metronomen, Schumann Brahms, Copenhagen, DK.
November 28  Rudersdal Chamber Players Holte, Schumann Brahms, Copenhagen, DK.
October 12  Rudersdal Chamber Players: String Quartet, Fanø, DK.

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