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“… this interpretation was definitely world-class!” … he gets the tone to flow like honey and milk, supported by a refined portamento technique, but never in a one-sided and dazzling way.
It was simply stunning beautiful. John Ehde really has a big future in his hand. ”
Svenska Dagbladet, Stockholm

“And oh, how Ehde emerged! His tone was dramatic rather than lyrical at first.
Then he settled into his trademark:
impossible pianissimos of incredible sweetness.”
The Chronicle Journal, Thunder Bay, Canada

“… a cellist with excellent instrumental skills, an imaginative musician with a sense of the new, different and unusual.”
Weekend Avisen

“A great performance, masterfully resolved in the conclusion of the saraband, broad-shouldered and compact in the second movement and with mournful light strokes in the fifth movement.”

“In Larsson’s Concertino he exposed naked pain in the Siciliano movement.
If possible even stronger, almost on the verge to the obscene, was the performance of Rachmaninov’s ‘Vocalise.”
Falu Kuriren

“Cellist John Ehde, known from Lin ensemble and his duo collaboration with Carl-Axel Dominique among others, sings on his instrument with a warm, vibrant timbre that adds a third voice to the ensemble. For many, his and Féve’s performance of Piazzolla’s “Grand Tango” was probably one of the highlights of the concert, but to me it was his combination of Fæø and Tönshoff in Brahms’ s Trio in A-flat minor. Op. 114, that brought it home. Fæø discreetly underplayed, Tönshoff’s vibratolous and transparent clarinet tone, and then – suddenly – Ehde’s appearance on the stage with an abundance of lyrically-romantic cello playing… it cannot get more beautiful”.
Nordjyske Stiftende

Sonatas & Scenes: CD Review
“This is an outstanding disc on every level, from Swedish cellist John Ehde’s breathtaking virtuosity to the phenomenally inventive music of the five featured Danish composers, from the superb quality of the recording to the high-quality booklet.”
Music Web International

The Cello Festival takes our hats off to the hardest working Cellist. Yesterday John Ehde did a radio interview in the morning, then performed at the Forks, followed by a Children’s Concert at Eckhardt-Gramatte Hall. Today he begins with a Master Class, including rehearsals, driving from place to place with several sound checks. Through it all John delivers amazing performances, which makes a lot of people smile and kids laughing – we bow to his youthful energy. Bach!”
Canada Cello Festival

By using violin and cello together with trumpet and saxophone, a softer and more varied sound was achieved, compared to that of four horns. Moreover the choice of John von Daler and John Ehde as string players was a scoop. Especially Ehde played incredibly beautiful in 2nd movement of “Mahatma” – a tribute to Gandhi and “Colmar”, where his interpretation of melody were outright gripping.”
Fyns Stifttidende

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