Music by Swedish composer Olof Lindgren(1934-2018)

Trio Suecia: Kristina Hellgren soprano, John Ehde cello, Bengt Wittje piano/organ.

Olof Lindgren (1934–2018) was a swedish composer, native from the island of Gotland. From 1975 he lived in Östersund in the county of Jämtland. In his music he wished to capture the moods and questions of life and he cooperated with many of Swedens foremost poets. One of his unique features was to write instrumental concertos, replacing the traditional orchestra with  mixed choir. On this CD we perform songs cycles inspired by nature, the philosophy of life and love. Included are also shorter instrumental works for cello and organ.

Jämtvisor i blom

Release Date : September 25, 2022
Format : CD